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Ordering pizza or a hoagie tray is the standard employee-appreciation ritual for any scenario. However, they don’t take much thought or effort, which doesn’t make your employees feel valued, especially around the holidays. Instead of a mediocre gesture, why not give them a catered meal from Ki’s Steak and Seafood?

What Meals Are the Best for Holiday Parties?

Beef Tenderloin Au Bleu is a rich meal ideal for the holidays. It’s packed with flavor and elegance. It’s a dish employees wilReasons to Choose the Best Corporate Meals for Company Holiday Partiesl remember until the next holiday soiree. Succulent seafood delicacies do more than just fill stomachs; they reach every taste bud and will set the entire holiday season off right. Pasta is enjoyed by almost everyone, and a steakhouse that caters offers a wide array of selections for almost any palate.

Why Choose a Catered Meal for Holiday Events?

Why choose a catered meal for holiday events?
1. It shows you value your employees. 
Show your employees you value them with a catered meal. They appreciate the gesture and feel like what they do really matters. When you don’t put the time and effort in, your employees won’t feel appreciated. Under-appreciated employees don’t work as hard because they feel it doesn’t make a difference in their employer’s eyes. However, by showing appreciation, people have more incentive to perform better and please their employer. They’ll strive to complete their job and possibly do even more to impress their employer in an effort to earn even more gratitude.

2. It doesn’t require a ton of effort but shows great thought. 
A catered meal doesn’t require a ton of effort on the employer’s part  It just requires a simple phone call. Although it’s more pricey than other options, the total is worth it in the end when employees are bettering their performance and possibly strengthening business and increasing revenue.

3. It tastes delicious.
We should mention, our catered meals taste delicious.

4. It encourages employees. 
Giving employees incentive to perform better will change business and potentially alter the company’s reputation. Employees who aren’t appreciated may become disgusted and perform inadequately. They may even find a position with a company who appreciates them. With so much competition, can a business today afford to lose the most valuable employees it has?

To learn more about our catering menu or schedule catering for an event, contact Ki’s Steak and Seahouse at (630) 474-3535.